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Student Health & Wellness

Public health is about big things like the health of an entire nation. But it’s also about the health of smaller communities, too; communities like our own! We want SPHTM students to enjoy good health and wellness. Use the Campus Health links on this page to access the tools you need to make your time here fulfilling and healthful.

Important contact info:

CAPS for Counseling Services
Uptown (Main) Building 14, Science & Engineering Lab, First Floor (in the Academic Quad)
Downtown 127 Elks Place, Room 261 (in Campus Health, adjacent to the Saratoga Garage) 
Hours Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m. (Closed on University Holidays)
  Phone Email
Appointments 504-314-2277  
Care Coordinator 504-314-2724 carecoordinator@tulane.edu

The Health Center Downtown
Downtown 127 Elks Place, Room 261 (adjacent to the Saratoga Garage) 
  Phone Email
Appointments 504-988-6929  
Immunization Compliance 504-988-3219  
Insurance 504-988-6169  
Referral Coordinator 504-865-5255, ext. 5