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Student FAQs

Where will students be able to study at Tidewater?

The 12th floor classrooms will be open for students to study or use with social distancing. Student lounges on the first and 12th floors will also be available, as will the Grab'n'Geaux. Signage is in place throughout the building to provide guidance on physical distancing. 

Will clubs or groups of students be allowed to meet in person?

Online meetings will be safer. If clubs and groups show they can meet in person safely, then they can.

What will happen with doctoral student desks, which are often close together?

We are trying to spread out student work areas as much as possible. We may also institute flex days for doctoral students who share a desk, or we may put in a divider between occupants of the office.

Has there been any consideration for tuition credit due to the change of circumstances this semester?

Tulane has been offering online classes for over 25 years. Our faculty put in a tremendous amount of work no matter whether the courses are taught in-person or online, and we strive to provide the same first-class experience no matter the modality in which it is taught.

What is the plan for libraries?

The libraries are creating their own plan. Please see FAQ - Library Fall 2020 Re-Opening.

Are Tulane buses running this fall?

Tulane will run shuttles during the fall semester. Please refer to the Shuttle Schedules, which include two Green lines for the downtown campus. Follow all applicable shuttle guidelines.