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Strategic Plan Components

Mission Statement

As stewards of the first school of public health in the United States, the Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine cultivates independent thinkers, innovative leaders, fierce advocates, and accomplished scholars.

From the neighborhoods of New Orleans to communities worldwide, we conduct research and collaborate with our partners to ensure that all of humanity has an equitable opportunity to be healthy and pursue optimal well-being.

We train the problem solvers.

Values Statements

Legacy: We were the first; we lead

Diversity: Leverage our collective genius

Collaboration: Cultivate a culture of shared success

Excellence: Whatever we do, do it well

Discovery: Solve problems that matter

Engagement: Be of value to New Orleans and the world

Balance: Have fun!


If the mission and values define what and how the SPHTM achieves its purpose, the strategic vision drives the inspiration to do so. This is how others see us; this is what we strive to be together.