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Staff and Faculty FAQs

How will shared desks/offices be handled?

Dean’s Office staff have been meeting with supervisors in every department to find out about staff needs, and we are working with departments on a plan to spread people out as much as possible. We also may institute flex days for people who share a desk, or we may put in a divider between occupants of an office.

Will staff be permitted to work remotely going forward?

SPHTM is working to remain flexible to staff needs, while also providing the necessary resources for on-campus students. Staff should discuss their needs with their supervisors. Also, visit their Flexible Work Arrangement page for more information.

It seems that hybrid classes require a significant increase in the amount of time to prepare for each class. How much extra time should we expect?

It will vary by class. The first time a class is offered, It will take extra time to record lectures or design interactive exercises. Then these will be available for future use. There is a front-end investment of time, but you will create enduring materials that will be used in future years.