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Practicum FAQ

Here are the Updated Applied Practice Experience (Practicum) Requirements for Spring and Summer 2020 (PDF).

What is going to happen for summer practicums?

Caution should be taken on where and how students do their practicum. Work with your advisors on alternatives. We will be flexible with the practicums! Please review the revised Applied Practice Experience (Practicum) requirements for Spring and Summer 2020

What should I do if my practicum has been put on hold or canceled? Is there more information on how practicums will work now? What guidance is available for students currently seeking practicums?

Please see the changes to SPHTM applied practice experience (practicum) for spring and summer 2020 here: under instructional continuity. Career services can also assist with both securing and changing practicums. You can contact Catherine Gergen, assistant director of Career services at and Abby Lukens, career advisor, at

Is a poster or presentation required to complete the practicum?

No, all poster and oral presentations are waived for Spring and Summer 2020. If you not graduating until the Fall, then you may be asked to do one in the Fall Semester.

I don’t know how to use Terra Dotta.

Sherri Yang has provided online webinar tutorials on using Terra Dotta. They can be viewed here:

I do not have a preceptor for my practicum. What do I do?

Your advisor may serve as the preceptor for Spring and Summer, 2020, if your current preceptor is no longer available.

If a student’s has completed a majority of their practicum hours, can the balance of hours be waived if they cannot now complete the practicum as planned?

No. No portion of the practicum can be waived. If you have partially complete practicum, you may add another activity to complete the hours required. Please work with your advisor.

Are the deadlines for completing the practicum still the last day of class (April 28 for spring and July 31 for Summer)?

Try to complete the practicum within the current timelines. If there are special circumstances, your advisor may extend the deadline by a few days. These deadlines are set based on graduation dates. Faculty need ample time to review and sign off on the practicum before graduation. Please work with your advisor.

GCHB has 300-hour practicum; will it be enforced?

For Spring and Summer 2020, GCHB will waive the additional 100 hours beyond the school requirement.

For environmental health many internships are being canceled because they require field work. What should we do to fill this requirement?

We will work with you to find an internship that will allow you to fulfill this requirement through social distancing. Please contact your advisor or department chair for assistance.

My practicum was confirmed for an international site. What do I do now?

All international travel is currently restricted, and you will need to change your practicum plan. Please contact your advisor to discuss alternatives.


All information subject to change, updated March 30th, 2020