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General Academic FAQ

Will doctoral students be granted additional time to complete their dissertation?

Yes, we are granting all doctoral students an automatic one-year extension. However, keep in mind that scholarships will not be extended. Doctoral students are encouraged to finish their dissertation as soon as is practical. Although we have extended the time to completion, it does not mean you have to take that time.

What are the class attendance policies for the online format?

Look at the policy for each course. Zoom lectures are the same as a face-to-face class meeting. These are held at the scheduled time, so you should plan to attend virtually. Some courses have developed asynchronous exercises to do on your own. Turn these in on time.

Have the PHA requirements changed? Will the PHA be canceled?

PHA requirements have not changed. The PHA is a CEPH requirement and will not be canceled. We ask everyone to be flexible and that the work be amended to include the practice of social distancing. Please contact your advisor.

Where are program competencies listed?

Program competencies are listed on the website under their respective programs.

Will faculty be lenient if a student gets COVID-19 or has to care for a family member who has COVID-19?

Of course. If any illness or family medical emergency occurs contact your instructor to let them know. Communication is key. Your instructor may provide options to make up the work or can help you to find another solution.

If my advisor is too busy with COVID-19 response, can I get a new advisor?

Yes, contact your department chair can to assign a new advisor to you.

Is there a policy in place for dissertation defenses that will be held in the coming weeks? Will they still be open to the public, will they be held entirely on Zoom, will the candidate and committee be in person but others on Zoom?

Candidates will defend their dissertations virtually using Zoom. Currently, deadlines are staying the same for dissertation defenses, but they may be adjusted depending on special considerations from the candidate. Contact your advisor if you have questions or concerns. 

All information subject to change, updated July 17th, 2020