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Student Government Association

The SGA sponsored a "Free Doughnuts Day" in the student lounge. SGA President Mahir Khan is in the foreground practicing his pool skills.

Photo of  SGA sponsored "Free Doughnuts Day" in the student lounge. 

The Student Government Association (SGA) serves as a focus for student concerns and activities through representing student views to the administration and faculty. Student involvement is encouraged and reflected in representation on school committees, including Executive Committee, Executive Faculty, Alumni Association Board, Graduate and Professional Student Association (GAPSA), Finance Committee and the General Faculty Retreat. 
SGA is governed by a constitution with officers elected annually. All students in the school are members of SGA. Some SGA activities include the sale of school-related apparel, coordination of community support functions and sponsorship of social and professional development events. SGA has five senatorial seats in the university's Graduate and Professional Student Association (GAPSA), through which students can participate in all aspects of university-wide student government.

SPHTM SGA Executive Board 2021-2022

President: Nnenna Ukpaby
Vice-President: Kaylee Giacomini
Secretary: Mya Willis
Treasurer: Griffin Guzan

Meet your executive board!

Student Body Representatives and Committees 

Academic Affairs: The Student Government Association has the right to two representatives on the Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine Curriculum Committee. Meetings take place monthly or as necessary and vary from the responsibility of reviewing proposed courses, evaluating courses, preparing for school certification, and approving degrees and dual-degree programs. The committee consists of members from each department, a professor to represent the undergraduate student interests, and guest appearances from deans. Concerns with classes, requirements for graduation, and curriculum may be addressed to these two student representatives and will be assessed and forwarded to the committee in the most appropriate manner. Committee meetings do not take place in the month of July. Also, while no longer responsible for Dean's Hour events during the semester, these representatives will work to increase communication and be in attendance of all Dean's Hour for clarification purposes. Dean's Hour occurs roughly once a month in various locations in order for the Deans to field new and continued concerns of the student body. Emails are sent to students through the list server in order to notify them of the date, location, and time of these events.

Community Action Council of Tulane University Students (CACTUS): The Community Action Council of Tulane University Students is one of the oldest and largest student-run community service organizations in the nation. We bridge the gap between Tulane students and the greater New Orleans community, while providing a valuable service to both groups. 

Graduate and Professional Student Association of Tulane University (GAPSA): GASPA is the Graduate and Professional Student Association of Tulane University. The association is responsible for addressing issues which affect graduate and professional students university-wide, and for allocating budgets for all graduate and professional organizations. GAPSA works closely with its undergraduate counterpart, the Undergraduate Student Government (USG), and its parent body, the Associated Student Body (ASB).