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Model Course Schedule: Nutrition MCH Leadership Track

Students applying to this track must have completed a Didactic Program in Dietetics from a program accredited by the Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics (ACEND) and include their DPD verification form with their SOPHAS application. Applicants for this track must apply for a summer term start date. Priority applications are due by March 15 in order to be considered for the HRSA funded MCH Nutrition Leadership Training program

Year 1, Summer Term

SPHL 6020 Foundations in Public Health (3)
SPHL 6060 Epidemiology for Public Health (3)
SPHL 6080 Design Strategies In Public Health Programs(3)
Subtotal: 9


Year 1, Fall Semester 

SBPS 6030 Social and Behavioral Aspects of Global Health (3)
SBPS 6510 Essential Issues in Maternal & Child Health (3)
SBPS 6750 Population Nutrition Assessment (3)
SBPS 6770 Food and Nutrition Policy (3)
Subtotal: 12


Year 1, Spring Semester

SPHL 6050 Biostatistics for Public Health (3)
SPHL 6070 Health Systems Policy and Management (3)
SBPS  6340 Monitoring & Evaluation of Health Programs (3)
SBPS  6490 Key Policies and Program in Maternal & Child Health (3)
SBPS  7980 Professional Practice Seminar in Nutrition (1)
Subtotal: 13


Year 2, Summer Term

SPHL 9980 Applied Practice Experience (0)
Subtotal: 0


Year 2, Fall Semester

SBPS 7950 Dietetic Internship I (6) 
Subtotal: 6


Year 2, Spring Semester

SBPS 7960 Dietetic Internship II (6)
Subtotal: 6


Year 2, Summer Term

SBPS 7960 Dietetic Internship III (June) (0)
Subtotal: 0


Total Credit Hours 46

To learn more about the MPH Nutrition program options, please review the Tulane Nutrition website or contact Keelia O’Malley at