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Other FAQ

Where can I find counseling/ therapy services?

All Tulane students may use CAPS emergency walk-in services on the Uptown Campus, weekdays from 12 to 4 pm. The CAPS Care Coordinator is also available to help place any student with mental health care providers in the community. Students currently in treatment at CAPS prior to this COVID-19 period are being advised about their options for continuing by phone; new ongoing treatments cannot be initiated at this time.

Additional Coping Tools are posted for Tulane at: https://campushealth.tulane.edu/health-center/primary-care/infectious-disease-care/coronavirus-covid-19/coping-tools.

If you have any questions or concerns about these changes, please call the CAPS front desk at (504) 314-2277 or take a look at their website.

For after-hours crisis support, The Line is available 24/7 to Tulane students. Call or text The Line, 24/7, at (504) 264-6074.

For those of us living in Deming Pavilion will we be expected to leave?

Deming will remain open. The downtown campus is remaining open for the graduate students. Deming is near the hospital, but as long as you practice health, wellness, and prevention guidelines you should be safe.

What is the school doing “on the front lines” to address COVID-19 locally?

Our faculty and many students are actively working on COVID-related issues. Please visit the school’s COVID website, tulanesphtmcovid-19.org, to learn more and continue to stay tuned.

Are there opportunities for SPHTM students to become involved in COVID-19 efforts?

There are a limited number of activities available. Use HandShake, contact Career Services, or reach out to Dr. David Seal for possible opportunities.

Can those working in wet labs continue to do their research work?

Yes, labs are staying open. Researchers who work in wet labs can continue to work in small groups or individually. Once again please practice health, wellness, and prevention guidelines.


All information subject to change, updated July 17th, 2020