The Tidewater Building has reopened. Construction work may be ongoing on floors impacted by the fire and sprinkler damage. Please consult with your supervisor/unit head before returning and have patience as all building functions are returned to service.

Online Students Resources & Academic Policies/Guidelines


The Tulane School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine has more than a century of history in preparing students to address the health threats of our times. Online students have access to the same, world-renowned, full-time faculty as our on-ground students do. The coursework is also the same, but has been specifically designed for online delivery. The result is a top-tier education built with you – your schedule and your needs – in mind.

We also invite you to get involved! Online students are welcome as full participants in the academic life at Tulane. Visit the school’s event calendar – many events are simulcast via Zoom or other platforms. Join our Incoming and Current Students Facebook Page and also follow our other social media channels. See what other options are available to students and follow our news.