Online Integrative Learning Experience

The Integrative Learning Experience (ILE, formerly called Culminating Experience) is a project that synthesizes and integrates the knowledge and competencies that students acquire during their coursework. All students in MPH and MSPH programs at the SPHTM must complete a culminating experience. Online programs use the public health analysis (PHA) option for the ILE. All online MPH and MSPH students are advised to complete a PHA on a topic of their choosing, as outlined below. The ILE project results in a high-quality document that could be used in the workplace or with external partners. Some PHA projects may result in publication in a journal.

Public Health Analysis

The Public Health Analysis, or PHA, is a planned project that addresses public health issues and solutions. Students select a project in an area of interest or of use in their workplace. The PHA requires literature research into the issue, analysis and application of knowledge and findings to develop recommendations to address the problem. The PHA is very flexible in format and may address an issue relevant to the student’s career goals. The final product may take many forms.

Some examples include:

  • Investigating and proposing solutions to a public health or workplace problem 
  • Evaluation of a workplace program or project 
  • Developing a training manual with materials and learner evaluations
  • Critical review of a public health or workplace issue with analysis and recommendations
  • Policy statement based on a critical analysis with supporting research

Students should consult with the online program manager to discuss ideas and approaches for a public health analysis, and she will assign a faculty advisor with relevant expertise relevant. The ILE will consist of three specific objectives for the completed document that will demonstrate program competencies from the student’s studies. The faculty advisor will work with the student to outline the project and develop an assessment rubric to determine successful project completion. Students should you consult with the faculty advisor regularly and provide updates throughout the project.

At the completion of the PHA, the student submits a high-quality written document. The PHA is evaluated using the rubrics outlined in the culminating experience handbook or the project specific rubric as developed in collaboration with the faculty advisor.

Integrative Learning Experience Handbook