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Fall 2020 Online Course Offerings & Registering for Classes

Fall 2020 MPH in Community Health Science Online Courses
CRN Credit Hours Course Day
98615 3 SPHL-6080-80 Design Strategies for Public Health Programs Mon
98605 3 GCHB-6030-80 Social and Behavioral Aspects of Public Health  Mon
30012 3 SPHL-6020-81 Foundations in Public Health Mon
98613 3 SPHL-6060-80 Epidemiology for Public Health Tues
99380 3 GCHB-6430-80 Monitoring and Evaluation of PH Programs Tues
99982 3 SPHL-6100-80 Health Equity Wed
98612 3 SPHL-6050-80 Biostatistics for Public Health Wed
98611 3 SPHL-6020-80 Foundations in Public Health Thur
98614 3 SPHL-6070-80 Health Systems, Policy, and Management Thur
30013 3 SPHL-6060-81 Epidemiology for Public Health Thur
30091 3 SPHL-6050-81 Biostatistics for Public Health Thur


Fall 2020 Online Environmental Health Sciences Courses

Starting with Fall 2020, the course prefix for GEHS courses is now ENHS.

CRN Credit Hours Course Day
98587 3 ENHS-6600-70 Principles of Toxicology Mon
98594 3 ENHS-7240-70 Applying Systems Thinking to EH&S Mon
98591 3 ENHS-6930-70 Disaster Management Planning & Implementation Tues
98583 3 ENHS-6540-70 Principles of Occupational Health Tues
97255 3 SPHL-6060-70 Epidemiology for Public Health Tues
98589 3 ENHS-6910-70 Environmental Aspects of Disasters Wed
98593 3 ENHS-7110-70 Industrial Ventilation and Hazard Control Wed
98610 3 SPHL-6020-70 Foundations in Public Health Wed
95149 3 SPHL-6080-70 Design Strategies for Public Health Programs Thurs
79503 0 SPHL-7950-70 Integrated Learning Experience N/A
93367 0 SPHL-9980-70 Applied Practice Experience N/A


Registering for Classes
  1. Click on Register for Classes, and log in.
  2. Click on Register (Add/Drop).
  3. Enter the CRN of the course you wish you register for in the Add CRN box, and click Add.
  4. Click on Submit Registration.

If you have any questions on which classes you should register for, schedule an advising phone call with Kathy Carneiro. If you are having issues registering for a class, contact Erica Geary at dlinfo@tulane.edu for assistance.

Course Planning Tips

For Master of Public Health and Master of Science in Public Health students, choose your core or foundational and program required courses first.