Academic Standards

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The SPHTM Academic Standards and Policies apply to the online programs. Students should read and be familiar with these policies and standards.

SPHTM Academic Standards

Grade Point Average

Distance Learning use the SPHTM grade point average for graduate education. Graduate programs require that students achieve a "B" or better grade in courses. While a grade of “C” may be passing in undergraduate degrees, “C” is not passing in graduate education.

Grade Point Average are reported as follows:

Grade Grade Point Average (GPA)
A 4.00
A minus (A-) 3.67
B plus (B+) 3.33
B 3.00
B minus (B-) 2.67
C 2.00
F 0.00
WF I (Incomplete) 0.00

Incomplete (I) Grades - a grade of "I" automatically becomes a ”F” forty-five (45) days after the final examination date. It is the responsibility of the student to obtain the extension if needed. If an extension is granted, the work must be completed and grades submitted by the end of the following semester.

You can calculate your GPA on the sample GPA calculator.

Academic Status 

Students are expected to maintain a 3.0 GPA to maintain academic standing.

Minimum Academic Standards

Minimum Academic Standards to Graduate from SPHTM Master’s Degree Programs

To graduate from all SPHTM master’s programs, a student must:

  • Achieve an overall grade point average (GPA) of at least a 3.0 on a 4.0 point scale (GPAs below 3.0 cannot be rounded up)
  • Not have a grade of C or lower in more than 2 courses
  • Not have a grade of F in more than 1 course
Transfer of Credits

No more than 25 percent of the total required for the award of degree may be transferred into SPHTM. For the distance learning programs, this is a maximum of 10 credits. 

Note: Credits may not be transferred for Certificate Programs
SPHTM reviews transfer credits for applicability to the degree and reserves the right not to accept the transfer of credit. The transfer course must correspond to a Tulane SPHTM course. Credits from non-traditional universities, non-degree granting institutions or training programs are not eligible for transfer for degree credit. SPHTM does not give credit for “life experience”.

For credits to be eligible for transfer to SPHTM:

  • Course credits awarded by a regionally US Department of Education accredited 4-year college or university *
  • Course grade must be B or higher
  • Must be graduate level
  • Must not have been used towards any other degree
  • Must directly relate to the degree program
  • Course credit earned in the last 5 years
  • Course equivalent to a SPHTM course
  • Reviewed and recommended by the student’s academic advisor and approved by the Office of Student Affairs

*Courses taken at universities outside of the United States must be evaluated by a transcript evaluation service (such as the World Education Service, “WES”).

Add/Drop Courses and Refunds

Adding a course

Tulane SPHTM has designated periods for registration in an academic credit course. Preregistration opens several months prior to the start of classes.  

The last day to register is approximately one week after the start of classes. Check the academic calendar for the date each semester. 

Dropping a course

Tulane has designated dates for dropping a course and for course tuition refunds.

Please check the academic calendar for the date and percent of refunded tuition. Time for refund is based on the time after the first day of class in each semester.

Approximate time dates for refunds:

% of Refund Dates for Refunds
100% 1 week after the first day class in a semester
75% 2 weeks after the first day class in a semester
50% 3 weeks after the first day class in a semester
25% 4 weeks after the first day class in a semester
0% No refunds are given after the last day for refund of tuition

Tuition is charged for each course for which a student registers. The tuition is charged or refunded or each course independently. If one course is dropped and another is added, full tuition is charged for the course added, and refunds for the course dropped are made according to the refund policy.

Dropping a course and academic record

Dropping a course without record

Student may drop a course without record up to approximately four weeks after start of the semester (See official Academic Calendar for exact dates each semester).

Withdrawing from a course

  • The last day to withdraw from a course is mid-semester  (See the calendar for the exact date to withdraw from a course each semester).
  • Students who drop a course between the last day to drop courses without record and the last day to drop a course will be assigned either a “W” or “WF”.
  • Students cannot withdraw from a class after the official date to drop without record; the student will, at the instructor’s discretion, earn the grade of "W" or "WF".

Note that a grade of “WF” is calculated into a student’s overall GPA as a zero, while a grade of “W” is not calculated into the overall GPA.

Academic Status Warning and Probation

Academic Warning

  • Students whose semester GPA is less than 3.0, but overall GPA is above 3.0, will not be put on probation, but will receive a written warning.
  • Students whose overall GPA is less than 3.0, but who have attempted less than 12 credit hours will receive a written warning.
  • Students who receive a second grade of C or lower (after receiving one grade of C or lower in a previous semester) will not be put on probation, but will receive a written notice that they have reached maximal number of grades of C or lower allowed to graduate from SPHTM.

Academic Probation

Students are placed on academic probation when the student:

  • Has an overall GPA of less than 3.0 after attempting at least 12 credit hours, or
  • Receives the grade of C or lower in 2 courses in one semester, or
  • Receives one grade of F in one semester.

Students who receive a “C” or “F” may retake the course once. The original grade remains on the transcript and is included in calculating the overall GPA.

Please note that a “WF” is calculated as an “F” when determining a student’s GPA and is considered as an “F” in probationary and dismissal decisions.

Terms of Probation

The terms of probation state the academic performance needed to be removed from probation and include a goal for grades in the remaining courses for the degree.

The terms of probation will be transmitted to the student in writing no later than two weeks after delivery of the probation letter. Unless otherwise noted, students will have one semester to satisfy the terms of probation. If the student does not satisfy the terms of probation, they may be dismissed from the School.

Students will not be allowed to change degree programs or departments during a probationary semester.

Finally, academic probation and any special conditions of probation will be noted in the student’s academic record, with the following exception: probation occurs during the student’s first semester, and the conditions of probation are met within the second semester.

Release from Probation

The student is released from probation when the terms of probation are satisfied.

Dismissal from the Online Programs

Academic Dismissal

A student will be dismissed from the school if any one of the following occurs:

  • A student receives two grades of F.
  • A student receives three grades of C or lower.
  • The terms of academic probation are not met.

Please note that a “WF” is calculated as an “F” when determining a student’s GPA and is considered as an “F” in probationary and dismissal decisions.

Students may appeal or request a review of status for dismissal.  See Academic Standards and Policy for information.

SPHTM Academic Standards