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PhD in International Health and Sustainable Development Model Course Schedule

Semester 1, Year 1

IHSD XXXX Sustainable Development: theory and practice (3)
GCHB 8750 Social Determinants of Health I (3)
GCHB 7250 or HPAM 8770 Research Methods in the Social and Behavioral Sciences or Research Design and Method (3)
SBPS 7280 Qualitative Methods I (3)
GCHB 8830 Senior Graduate Research Seminar 0 TBD Other course(s) TBD by advisor and student (3-6)
Semester subtotal: 15-18


Semester 2, Year 1

GCHB 8760 Social Determinants of Health II or EPID 7120 Epidemiologic Methods II (3)
GCHB 8250 Advanced Research Methods in Global Health (3)
IHSD 8800 Senior Graduate Research Seminar (1)
TBD Other course(s) TBD by advisor and student (3-6)
Semester subtotal:  10-16


Semester 3, Year 2,

HPAM 8500 Research Development and Communication (3)
SPHL 7500 Public Health Grant Writing (3)
SPHL 8080 Public Health Pedagogy Course (3)
TBD Other course(s) TBD by advisor and student (credit number will vary)
Semester subtotal: minimum 9 hours


Semester 4, Year 2

IHSD 9990** Dissertation Hours (2)
Other course(s) TBD by advisor and student to complete coursework credit requirements
Semester subtotal: 3-varies


Semesters 5-8, Years 3-4

IHSD 9970* Dissertation Hours; Completion of Comprehensive Exam and Dissertation 2

Total Degree Credits: 72


*Once coursework is completed, students must take 2 credits of SBPS 9990 (dissertation hours) each semester until they have passed their comprehensive exam and dissertation prospectus. Once students pass to doctoral candidacy, they take SBPS 9970 each semester to maintain continuous enrollment.

**Students who have not completed 42 credits of Public Health relevant post-BA/BS coursework and/or who have not completed the required Basic Foundational pre-requisite MPH-level courses will be required to take these courses above and beyond the 30 required doctoral credits post-enrollment in the SPHTM.