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PhD in Health Policy and Management

The PhD program in Health Policy and Management (HPM) provides doctoral study in health systems research and analysis methodology, health policy planning and analysis, and management strategies. The program provides in-depth study in research approaches and methods and the application of these skills to health systems research. The highly variable character of health systems around the world demands capable researchers who are able to analyze and understand these changes and trends and to make recommendations. Graduates pursue careers in academia, health systems research and policy analysis in the health care industry.

Admission Requirements

Applicants must meet the school's admission requirements for entrance into Doctoral  programs. The HPM faculty conduct interviews with applications and match the applicant with a faculty with similar research interests who is able to mentor a doctoral student.

Degree Program Requirements

Please visit the university course catalog for degree program competencies and requirements. 

Degree Program Requirements (entry prior to Fall 2018)

The PhD program requires a minimum of 72 post-baccalaureate degree credits with at least 30 credits of doctoral study at Tulane SPHTM. Up to 42 credits may be applied from the MPH or equivalent master’s degree.  These credits will be reviewed and those that do not fulfill the PhD competencies may not be accepted. If a prerequisite course or equivalent has not been fulfilled, the student must take the course in addition to the 30 credits of advanced doctoral study, but may count toward the total 72 credits.

The advisor works with the student to outline a course of study in the doctoral program. If the doctoral student does not have a prior public health degree, they must obtain a grounding in public health. See Doctoral Student Handbook.

Prerequisite Coursework

  • BIOS 6030 Introductory Biostatistics
  • EPID 6030 Epidemiologic Methods 1
  • HPAM 6030 Introduction to Health Systems, Management and Policy

Advanced Doctoral Study (at least 30 credits)

  • BIOS 6040 Intermediate Biostatistics (3)
  • HPAM 7900 Applied Interdisciplinary Approaches for Health Services Research (3)
  • HPAM 7950 Research Approaches and Design for Global Health (3) OR ESCD 8770 Research Design and Methods (3) OR GCHB 8760 Social Determinants of Health II (3)
  • GCHB 8250 Advanced Research Methods in Global Health (3)
  • HPAM 8350 Policy Analysis with Natural Experiments and Panel Data (3)
  • ESCD 8310 Organizational Theory and Assessment (3)
  • ESCD 8410 Cost Benefit and Cost-Effectiveness Analysis (3)
  • ESCD 8780 Qualitative Research Methods (3) OR GCHB 6290 Qualitative Methods II: Theory and Methods (2)
  • ESCD 8900 Advanced Health Services Research Theory and Design (3)
  • SPHL 8500 Interdisciplinary Seminar (2)

Elective Courses

Selected from courses offered within the department, school, or university in consultation with an academic advisor. Additional credits may be needed to obtain a total of 72 credits.

Research Ethics

Students are required to take online research ethics training via CITI or another equivalent training program in research ethics. This certification must remain current throughout the program duration.

Comprehensive Exam

On completion of the coursework listed above, students will be required to pass a comprehensive examination to demonstrate global health management and policy PhD program competencies.


Students must prepare and defend a prospectus of proposed research.


Students must conduct original health services research and defend a dissertation based on that research.

Contact Us

Department Interim Chair: Lizheng Shi, PhD, MsPharm, MA

Program Director: Charles Stoecker, PhD

Department Administrator: Alison Rinehart


Phone: (504) 988-5428

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