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PhD in Health Policy and Management

The program trains students for a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Health Policy and Management (HPAM). It aims to develop researchers, educators and policymakers who can contribute to improving the health of populations around the world. The program will equip students with a broad knowledge of theoretical underpinnings, nuanced understanding of experimental design, and a detailed knowledge of rigorous empirical methods to advance research in management and policy. Students will also have applied experience communicating and interpreting findings based on these techniques to appropriate policy and management audiences. Students' area specializations will likely reflect the major strengths of the HPAM faculty which include health care cost, access, and quality with a focus on health disparities.

Admission Requirements

Applicants must meet the school's admission requirements for entrance into Doctoral  programs. The HPM faculty conduct interviews with applications and match the applicant with a faculty with similar research interests who is able to mentor a doctoral student.

Degree Program Requirements

Please visit the university course catalog for degree program competencies and requirements. 

Contact Us

Department Interim Chair: Lizheng Shi, PhD, MsPharm, MA

Program Director: Charles Stoecker, PhD

Department Administrator: Alison Rinehart

Email: hpam@tulane.edu

Phone: (504) 988-5428

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