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Physician Leadership Graduate Certificate Program Coursework

Leadership and Innovation

This course is designed to provide current and emerging physician leaders the knowledge, skills, abilities, and personal mastery tools, which are requisite to assuming leadership roles in the delivery of health services in the consumer-driven health care market. Through developing capacities for positive-change, physician leaders create innovation in the design of the work of care. Building on the strengths of medical education and clinical practice, the physician leader continues his or her leadership journey, integrating and implementing an understanding of the powerful role positive emotions play in business, the transformative potential of design thinking, and the important capacities of inter-professional teams and wise leaders, resulting in new abilities to lead innovation in a positive culture delivering compassionate care.

Business Trends, Models, and Payment Systems

Health care organizations are under increased pressure to improve value and lower cost, within a changing constellation of competitors, regulations, financial risk, and scientific and technological advances, with partners who often have misaligned incentives. Within these trends and the changes in payment systems, current business models are also being challenged by the entry of new more consumer-driven companies. This course offers physician leaders an framework and a case-based analysis of business models and payment systems, and addresses how to understand and prepare for the continuously changing health care business environment.

Relational Communication and Professionalism

Our prevailing system of care is performing as it was designed. Errors in care have been listed as the third leading cause of death, with depression and burnout among the caregivers to the level of physician suicides. Redesign of our health system must begin with the human beings rendering and receiving care. This course offers physician leaders an innovative design approach to relational communications and professionalism. The focus is on reducing burnout and disruptive behaviors while improving patient-centric team-based communications, leading to mutual respect and collaboration within a culture of safety.

Accounting and Financial Management

The current repeal and replace health care environment, associated with misaligned financial incentives and a high-degree of reimbursement complexity, require leaders to have a fluency, understanding, and working knowledge of accounting and finance basics, allowing them to create thoughtful and positive change in their organizations. This course includes the application of accounting controls and capital budgeting processes; the assessment of the financial health of a department or organization; the management of the financial and decision making processes; the shift to meaningful incentive programs; and modeling in business planning.

Performance Improvement and Organizational Learning

For many health care organizations the underlying business models, organizational culture, value network, and patient and workforce relationships have not fundamentally changed, and few have successfully reached their performance goals in a significant and sustainable way. What is required is an enabling technology. This course builds on the previous physician courses offering an integrated suite of tools, methods and measures, based on positive psychology, business models innovation, design thinking, high-performing teams, consumer-driven networks, and the creation and deployment of the organizational learning spiral.