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Educational Technology

GRIT offers access to services, equipment, and training for an enriched multimedia classroom.

Adobe Connect

SPHTM uses Adobe Connect for classroom recordings and web conferencing. Individual training sessions can be arranged by request.

To schedule a recording, web conference, or individual training session, please contact:

Ken Tyrolf

Adobe Presenter

Adobe Presenter software lets you create HD video lectures for classroom teaching, distance learning, flipped learning and MOOC sessions. Simultaneously capture your screen content along with your webcam video or turn your PowerPoint slides into interactive eLearning with out-of-the-box assets and eye-catching quizzes. Track content consumption and learner performance with the built-in analytics dashboard or through integration with Canvas.

  • Download Adobe Presenter here.


In the 2016-2017 academic year, Tulane University will be preparing to move from the Blackboard Learning Management System to Canvas by Instructure to deliver course content. Both systems will run concurrently to facilitate content migration, training and transition related goals.

Here is the official Transition Timeline:

  • 07/31/16 – Course transition begins – Canvas will copy all 2015-2016 academic year courses over.
  • Fall 2016 – Canvas is available for all courses across all campuses. Blackboard will still be active.
  • Spring 2017 – Canvas will be the LMS of record for the University. Blackboard will be available for archival purposes.
  • 07/01/17 – Blackboard will become unavailable.

Click here for more information.

Classroom and Lab Help Desk

There is a Classroom/Lab Help Desk located on the 12th Floor, next to room 1220. 


Tulane YuJa How-To

Cloud-based enterprise video platform enabling lecture capture, live streaming, synchronous video classrooms and video management and distribution, includes captioning.

  • Best used to record lectures both in the classroom and lectures you would like to give when you will not be available to present the material live to the students.
  • Can capture the audio from your microphone, the video from your webcam and the programs you are showing on your desktop.
  • Strength lies in managing and editing your videos after you create them.
  • Lectures can be shared with students via Canvas. YuJa is built into Canvas to allow you to create recordings while logged into your Canvas course.


Tulane Zoom How-To

Zoom is a cloud-based videoconferencing software solution which allows for multisite calls of unlimited duration with up to 100 participants. Zoom is an ideal resource to meet with students for office hours and provide continuity of learning when it is not possible to meet in person. Zoom is replacing our current videoconferencing product BlueJeans. For more information about establishing your Zoom Pro account, please view the article in the TS Knowledge Base.

  • Strength lies in its ability to simultaneously allow remote attendees to watch a presentation. The interface of Zoom is designed with collaboration and presentation in mind.
  • Differs from YuJa in that the screen space is setup by default to be a shared workspace.
  • Allows attendees to communicate back to the presenter via chat messages or their own microphone and cameras.
  • Integrated into your Canvas course and allows you to schedule meetings throughout the semester.

YuJa and Zoom are both enabled in the Canvas courses by default and are accessible in the left hand sidebar under each class. For further help with Zoom and Yuja, email