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Graduation Information

Students at 2017 commencement

Applications for degree for Fall 2018 are due to the SPHTM Office of Student Affairs no later than Friday, January 25, 2019. 

There two are separate applications.  The 1st application is for students applying to receive a certificate and the 2nd application is for students applying to receive a degree.  Students that are applying to receive a certificate and a degree (required for all departmental certificates) will be required to complete one application for certificate and one application for degree.  Departmental certificates may only be earned when the degree is earned.

Stand-alone certificates (Industrial Hygiene, Disaster Management, Tropical Medicine diploma and the Dietetic Internship) require only completion of the application for certificate.

All applications for certificate and for degree must be returned to for processing.  Students will receive email confirmation (within 3 business days) when applications are received by

Practicum and Culminating Completion forms are also due to Student Affairs on Tuesday, April 30, 2019, for Spring 2019. 

Application forms

Click on the appropriate link below, and log in when prompted. Click on the student menu and choose your application.

The following abbreviations are used on the certificate/degree applications:


  • BI                            Bioinformatics
  • BS                           Biostatistics
  • DI                            Dietetic Internship
  • DM                         Disaster Management
  • EP                           Genetic Epidemiology
  • HN                          Community Health and Nutrition Programs
  • IH                           Industrial Hygiene
  • MC                         Maternal and Child Health
  • MG                         Program Management
  • MM                        Methods in Monitoring and Evaluation
  • MR                         Disaster Management Resilience
  • NH                          Environmental Health
  • PH                          Epidemiological Methods
  • TM                         Tropical Medicine Diploma Course
  • TR                          Clinical and Translational Research


  • CERT                      Certificate
  • MS                         Master of Science
  • MPH                      Master of Public Health
  • MSP                       Master of Science in Public Health
  • MPT                       Master of Public Health and Tropical Medicine
  • MHA                      Master of Health Administration
  • DrPh                      Doctor of Public Health
  • ScD                         Doctor of Science
  • PhD                        Doctor of Philosophy


  • EPI          Epidemiology
  • MCH       Maternal and Child Health
  • NTR        Nutrition
  • HCE        Health Education and Communications
  • CHS        Community Health Sciences
  • IHL         International Health and Development
  • EHDM    Disaster Management
  • EHOE    Occupational & Environmental Health
  • EHSM    Occupational Hlth & Safety
  • HSM      Health Systems Management
  • GHMO   Global HS Medical Org
  • GHPO    Health Policy


  • EPI          Epidemiology
  • GBDS     Global Biostatistics and Data Science


  • EHSC      Environmental Health Sciences
  • EHIH      Environmental Health Industrial Hygiene
  • GBDS     Global Biostatistics and Data Science
  • TRM       Tropical Medicine


  • TRTM    Tropical Medicine


  • HSHA     Master of Health Administration


  • EPI          Epidemiology
  • GCPH     Global Community Health Sci  & Behavior

Majors for ScD:

  • GHSD    Global Hlth Sys Mgmt & Policy


  • EPI          Epidemiology
  • GBDS     Global Biostatistics and Data Science
  • GCHB    Global Community Hlth Sci & Behavior
  • EHHS     Environmental Health Sciences
  • GHSD    Global Hlth Sys Mgmt & Policy
  • TRPD     Tropical Medicine

Selections for degree must be compatible with the dropdown menu available for the majors. 

*The due dates for these forms within the departments are much earlier, students should check with their academic advisors regarding internal departmental deadlines.

Once an application for degree has been processed for the student in the Registrar’s office a registration hold will be placed on the student’s record.  This registration hold is to ensure that students do not register for additional coursework that takes place after they have graduated.

If you have any questions, please email or call (504) 988-7111.