GEHS Research and Centers

The Center for Applied Environmental Public Health (CAEPH) uses a multidisciplinary approach to assess the impact of environmental agents on human health. CAEPH researchers utilize computing technology as a tool to analyze data and to assess the health impact of environmental contaminants. Areas of study include: community-based prevention and intervention research methodology; childhood lead poisoning; application of surveillance methodology and data analysis to environmental health issues; the Mississippi River Water Quality Database and development of technology-mediated teaching methods for environmental health education. CAEPH leads the Academic Partner of Excellence in Environmental Public Health Tracking, a CDC funded national initiative.


  • The Center for Gulf Coast Environmental Health Research, Leadership and Strategic Initiatives manages in excess of $20 million in grants from the Baton Rouge Area Foundation (BRAF)
  • Transdisciplinary Consortium for Gulf Resilience on Women's Health (GROWH)
  • Gulf Region Health Outreach Program (GRHOP) initiatives

Department Labs

The Miller Lab
The Wang Lab
The Rando Lab
The Grimsley Lab