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Foundational Curriculum Design (Stage 1)

The Task Force for Foundational Curriculum Design (Stage 1) is charged with developing a framework for the foundational curriculum of the MPH degrees at SPHTM by December 15, 2017. The task force will produce a plan for structuring the new foundational courses to come into compliance with the new CEPH 2016 criteria. These courses will also encompass knowledge and skills SPHTM considers essential for all professional master’s students. The task force will produce an outline for each of the new foundational courses that include learning objectives and engaging learning experiences. Each course will have a written description, learning objectives, options for assessment, and standards for evaluating performance.

Characteristics of Foundational Curriculum

  1. All new foundational courses will be school-wide SPHL courses.
  2. The foundational knowledge and competencies will be achieved through courses that equal 15 credits.
  3. Characteristics of the Foundational Curriculum:
  • The experience students have in these courses is integrated and interdisciplinary.
  • The activities and instructional design is applied and practice oriented.
  • The foundational curriculum has a strong analytical/epidemiological basis.
  • The foundational curriculum is sequenced to build a progression of skills/application.
  • The foundational course sequence is completed in Year 1.
  • The foundational curriculum is delivered through an active learning design methodology: exercises, scenarios, problem-based activities, case studies, and collaborative learning.
  • Examples and problems from across all public health disciplines are integrated throughout the foundational courses so that students apply skills in a variety of public health domains.
  • Specific courses will be identified and competencies assessed through these courses. The foundational curriculum will not be one mega course.
  • The Foundational Knowledge (D1) will be for all SPHTM students; Foundational Competencies (D2) will be for MPH, MSPH and MPHTM specifically.
  • Sections of all foundations courses will be identical and use same syllabus, case studies, and assignments.

4. General Framework: Overview Outline of Foundational Curriculum (as of November 28, 2017)

  • Foundational courses will comprise a total of 15 credits.
  • D1 foundational knowledge will be provided in one 3-credit overview course. -SPHL 6020 – Foundations in Public Health* (3)
  • D2 foundational competencies will be provided in four 3-credit courses for a total of 12 credits.

-SPHL 6050 – Foundations in Public Health Biostatistics* (3)

-SPHL 6060 – Foundations in Public Health Epidemiology* (3)

-SPHL 6070 – Public Health Planning and Management* (3)

-SPHL 6080 – Policy in Public Health* (3)

  • Courses will be interdisciplinary and coordinated.

-Multiple faculty will likely participate in teaching individual courses.

-Courses will use interactive methods – exercises, scenarios, case studies, etc.

-Courses will use examples, cases, and items from across all areas in each course.

*Working titles – not final