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SPHL 6020 Challenge Exam

Downtown Campus

The SPHL 6020 Challenge Exam will be offered on May 18th and June 24th, 1pm-3pm. You can find additional instructions and details by clicking the following link https://sph.tulane.edu/challenge-exam-sphl-6020-foundations-public-health

Registration deadline is May 16.

To register for this exam, please send an email to sphl6020challengeexam@tulane.edu with the following information:

Type "Challenge Exam Registration" in the subject line.

In the body please add, “I am registering to take the SPHL 6020 Challenge Exam” and include the below information. 

First Name:

Last Name:

Student ID:

Tulane Email:



Program of Study:

You should receive a confirmation response within 48 hours of receipt. If you need special accommodations, contact Avery Peterson at SPHL6020ChallengeExam@tulane.edu.