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Solving Genomic Needle-In-A-Haystack Challenges


Join us for this webinar on how TwinStrand Biosciences Duplex Sequencing™ Technology provides a greater than 10,000 fold increase in accuracy over standard next generation sequencing by virtually eliminating background noise and revealing true mutations. Seminar sponsored by Jay Kolls, MD Director of the Center for Translational Research in Infection and Inflammation.

We will provide an overview of the technology and some of the applications where it is being used in medicine and life sciences to help improve human health such as:

• Mutagenesis detection
• Early detection and residual disease monitoring in cancer
• Tumor evolution monitoring
• Immunotherapy monitoring

Time will allow for Q&A and discussion following the 45 minute presentation.

Click here to register: https://twinstrandbio.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_Zn3aj6O3Qe6PFA8rGnwN_w