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Responsible Conduct of Research Fall 2020


Featuring Ben Dreessen, Supervisory Special Agent- New Orleans Division Tam K. Dao, PhD, Supervisory Special Agent-Houston Division Federal Bureau of Investigation

Subject: Undue foreign governmental influence on research

Attendance for all seminars will be from 3:10 pm to 4:05 pm online only via Zoom. However, the September 3, 2020 seminar will be via Microsoft Teams, as requested by the presenters. A website has been set up for the seminar series, and the Zoom link for each session is available on the website: https://research.tulane.edu/compliance/rcr/fall2020

This seminar series is being offered through the School of Medicine’s Interdisciplinary Studies-Graduate Department as INTD-6010-01, CRN 99277 for those who wish to register for this course and have it appear on their transcript. The course is available to all Tulane University students, regardless of their specific school. You will receive 0.00 credit hours with a grade type of satisfactory/unsatisfactory.  If you register for the course so that it appears on your transcript, you must attend all 8 seminars to obtain a satisfactory grade.

If you do not wish to register for this seminar series, you may still attend any of the seminar classes.  However, for the seminar on September 3, 2020 only, you must RSVP to kleger@tulane.edu by September 1, 2020 to receive a Microsoft Teams invitation.  All other seminars do not require an RSVP.

Completed presentations will be available on the Research Compliance website: https://research.tulane.edu/compliance/rcr. If you have questions or wish to submit questions in advance regarding any of the topics in the seminar series, contact Research Compliance Office Administrative Assistant Kay Leger kleger@tulane.edu; (504) 988-1147; Deputy Research Compliance Officer Lisa Wurtzel lwurtzel@tulane.edu; or Research Compliance Officer Brian Weimer bweimer1@tulane.edu.