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Meet with Renowned Student Debt Expert Dr. Jeffrey E. Hanson

Downtown Campus
Tidewater Building
Suite 1213

If you have borrowed (or plan to borrow) a federal student loan to finance your Tulane degree, then we invite you to cool off with a unique opportunity to hopefully assure your success in the management of your student loan portfolio.  Renowned student debt expert Dr. Jeffrey E. Hanson will visit Tulane’s downtown campus on Monday, June 24, 2019 through Friday, June 28, 2019 to meet with students in free 45-minute consultation sessions to fully review federal student loan repayment strategies. 

If you are concerned about your student loans (either borrowed to date or in the future) and how you'll manage repaying them; then you are strongly encouraged to take advantage of this free opportunity in order to learn all of the unique options available to managing a student loan portfolio.  Please call our contact, Donna Fasullo, at 504.314.2266 to find out what exact time-slots are available.  Appointments will be scheduled on a first-come basis and you will receive a confirmation e-mail detailing your appointment date, time, exact location, and additional instructions.  Consultation sessions with Dr. Hanson on the Downtown Campuswill be held in the Tidewater Building at 1440 Canal Street,12th Floor, Suite 1213, in theOffice of Financial Aid

Please note that Dr. Hanson is a nationally-recognized economist who specializes in working with student loan borrowers to explore all options available for repayment, including the possibility of having federal student loan debt forgiven via your employment in a qualifying public service employer.  He is NOT a financial advisor disbursing information on investments and/or other financial matters.