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Jobs Talk: What can I do with my MPH Degree in Community Health Science?


Join us to learn more about how an MPH in Community Health Science can boost your Career.


Beth Squires

Beth received her B.S. in Community Health / Health Administration and her MPH. Her professional experience included work in a hospital-based fitness center, in social service, and in epidemiology. She has also collaborated with EPA on a radon awareness project and has collaborated with DuPage Pads in completing a survey of the access to health care barriers of the suburban homeless population. Her research interests are mental wellness and resiliency education.

Brittani Wayne

Brittani earned her B.S. in Health Science and MPH from Benedictine University. She is currently a Research Associate for Quantitative Sciences at Clinical Outcomes Solution (COS). Brittani's past research topics included the "Disappearance and Failure of Black Owned and Operated Hospitals" and "Quantitative Approach to the Effects of Emotional Intelligence, Persistence, and Graduation Rates on Substance Use Behaviors Among African American College Students".

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