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DTM Seminar Series: “Serosurveillance in malaria elimination settings”


Featuring Dr. Lotus van der Hoogen, Ph.D., Postdoctoral fellow

Photo of Dr. Lotus van den Hoogen

Measuring residual malaria in low transmission or eliminating areas is  challenging owing to the low frequency of infections. Antibodies to malaria are produced after an infection and persist in the blood after parasite clearance. They can thus be used to assess recent exposure to infection and thereby act as a metric to describe transmission which is known as serosurveillance. In this presentation, Dr. van den Hoogen will discuss several examples of applications of serosurveillance in malaria research projects, focusing on low transmission and eliminating settings.

Online: https://tulane.zoom.us/j/93873115349


For more information on the DTM Seminar Series please contact Dr. Patricia Scaraffia, pscaraff@tulane.edu