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Congratulations to the class of 2022! If you missed the events or just want to replay for warm memories, visit the 2022 graduation information page

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Department & Program Contacts

Epidemiology Therese Carter epi@tulane.edu (504) 988-6809   
Biostatistics and Data Science Farhana Chaudhry bios@tulane.edu (504) 988-2042   
Environmental Health Sciences Geraldine Neville enhsinfo@tulane.edu (504) 988-5374
Health Policy and Management  Alison Rinehart hpm@tulane.edu (504) 988-5428
Master of Health Administration Alison Rinehart mha@tulane.edu (504) 988-1313
International Health and
Sustainable Development
Gale Marie Abbass ihsd@tulane.edu  
Social, Behavioral, and
Population Sciences
Anita Jobson sbps@tulane.edu  (504) 988-5391
Tropical Medicine Katherine Mosier tropmed@tulane.edu (504) 988-6369
Distance Learning Erica Geary dlinfo@tulane.edu (504) 988-3786
MD/MPH Program Adam Maese mdmph@tulane.edu (504) 988-7055