BSPH Summer Programs

SPHU 4560 Summer International Capstone - Environmental Health Threats in Suriname (3) Students will learn to describe the ecosystem, characterize the risks posed to population health by environmental contamination, and identify environmental factors impacting public health in Suriname as well as identify the leading causes of morbidity and mortality. Specific attention will be given to the public health implications of mercury contamination to indigenous food sources such as fish as a byproduct of gold mining and assessment of pesticide use in large and small-scale agriculture. Then, students will develop community-based intervention strategies to address those risks. Additionally, coursework will also include the role of nutriceuticals and indigenous medicinal plants in Suriname. Faculty: M. Lichtveld Semester: Summer Prerequisite(s): SPHU 4890 (corequisite)

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SPHU 4560 Summer International Capstone - Health Systems of China (3) During their coursework, students will be introduced to various aspects (cultural, social, economic, epidemiological) of the country’s healthcare system. Since the course will be delivered on location in China, the classroom lessons will be augmented through a series of field visits and real world observations. Further, China’s recent health reform strategies will be critically examined through directed readings, seminar lectures, and discussions with leaders of the Chinese healthcare system. The course also will examine the financing of the health care system and will evaluate and analyze how providers are incentivized and paid. To provide a comprehensive understanding of the health sector organization, students will visit a number of sites including primary care centers, tertiary hospitals, public health entities, traditional Chinese medicine practitioners, and research organizations. Also, students will travel to areas in rural China to learn how health care is provided outside the country’s major urban area. Students also do a service-learning rotation and register for one hour of service credits. Faculty: L. Shi, T. Stranova Semester: Summer Prerequisite(s): SPHU 4890 (corequisite)

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