The Combined Degree Program for BSPH Majors

The Bachelor of Science in Public Health (BSPH) Combined Degree Program is a path for continuous study from the bachelor’s degree through a master’s level professional degree at the School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine (SPHTM). Students in the combined degree program begin graduate study their senior year in one of the following programs:

Students should review the graduate school website for information on the various programs and degrees

The MPH, MPH&TM, MSPH degrees require 42-45 graduate credits plus an Applied Practical Experience and an Integrated Learning Experience. The MHA degree requires 54 graduate credits plus an Administrative Residency and Integrated Learning Experience. Once accepted into the combined degree program, students with senior standing may take up to 12 credits of graduate courses, which are applied to both the BSPH and the MPH, MSPH, MPH&TM, or MHA degree requirements. Students must score B- or higher in these courses for credit to the graduate program. 

Students must complete all BSPH requirements and graduate from the BSPH program before moving onto full-time enrollment in the MPH, MPH&TM, MSPH, or MHA program. SPHTM has rolling admission into the graduate programs, so students who complete the BSPH graduation requirements in the fall of their senior year may proceed into their graduate program in the spring semester. 

When to Apply 

Students apply to the combined degree program in the second semester of their junior year. This will allow them to be accepted into the program and begin graduate work by the first semester of their senior year. See Application Timeline for application deadlines. 

  • March 1 - Start combined degree program in the Fall semester of the next school year
  • October 1 - Start the combined degree program in the Spring semester of the next school year (this deadline is for students who are graduating a semester early) 


  • Applicants must be in the BSPH program 
  • GPA at least 3.0

Application Process 

Tulane SPHTM uses a Fastlane application for the BSPH Combined Degree Program. Use this form to apply to the Combined Degree Program. An email with login information will be sent to you, and your application will be already started in your account when you log in. 

The application consists of:

  • Fastlane application
  • A Statement of Purpose and Objectives in their program of choice and related career goals
    • Why are you applying to Tulane SPHTM, and the specific program/option/concentration you chose?
    • How will earning this degree help you achieve your professional goals?
    • What have you learned from successes and/or challenges in your past educational, professional, and/or personal experiences? Please use specific examples, as applicable.
  • A resume
  • Unofficial transcript
  • Application fee ($75.00 non-refundable application fee charged to your Tulane account)

Contact the SPHTM Office of Enrollment Management and Admissions at (504) 988-5388 or with questions about the master’s programs in public health. 

Program Stipulations  
Students must graduate from the BSPH program to continue in the MPH, MSPH, MPH&TM, or MHA program beyond the 12 credits of graduate courses.

Once students have been accepted into the Combined Degree Program, they should meet with their graduate advisor during their senior year to create a study plan that will incorporate the goals and competencies of the MPH, MSPH, MPH&TM, or MHA program they intend to pursue.

Students can take a gap year (up to 3 years) before starting graduate school full-time. (Meet with financial aid advisor to discuss student loan deferment options). 

Students can choose between on-ground or online degree programs after graduation. (Credits taken during senior year must be taken on campus).