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Fall 2020 Academic Calendar

This is the calendar for all on-ground programs as well as the online MPH in Community Health Sciences programs.

Students in online environmental health master's programs should use this calendar.

Program/Term Start Date End Date Last Day for 100% Refund /
Or to Add Online
Last Day for 75% Refund Last Day for 50% Refund Last Day for 25% Refund /
Or to drop w/out Record
Public Health
Full Semester
W 8/19/20 S 12/5/20 F 9/4/20 F 9/11/20 F 9/18/20 F 9/25/20
Public Health Period I W 8/19/20 T 10/6/20 W 8/26/20 W 9/2/20 W 9/9/20 W 9/16/20
Public Health Period II W 10/7/20 S 12/5/20 W 10/14/20 W 10/21/20 W 10/28/20 W 11/4/20
Public Health
Dietetic Internship
W 8/19/20 W 12/30/20 F 9/4/20 F 9/11/20 F 9/18/20 F 9/25/20

Key Dissertation / Practicum (APE) / Culminating Experience (ILE) Dates

  • Oct 16 F: Last day to submit notice of dissertation defense to Dean’s Office for Fall 2020 graduation
  • Nov 2 M: Last day to defend dissertation for Fall 2020 graduation
  • Dec 4 F: Last day to submit Practicum Form E and Culmination Completion Form to Student Affairs if graduating 12/15/20. Check with your department for earlier deadlines. 

Other Key Dates

  • Aug 17 M: Orientation
  • Sep 7 M: Labor Day Holiday (university closed)
  • Sep 12 Sat: Designated make-up day (Only used in the event of university closure)
  • Sept 14 M: Summer 2020 Incompletes convert to grade "F"
  • Sept 25 F: Last day to change grading rules for Audit
  • October 10–11 Sat/Sun:  Designated make-up days (Only used in the event of university closure)
  • Oct 26 M: Last day to drop for full semester classes and receive a "W;" drops after this date receive a letter grade or a "WF"
  • Nov 9 M: Priority registration begins for Spring 2021. Watch for your designated date and time thru Gibson.
  • Nov 24 Tu: Last day of classes
  • Nov 30 M–Dec 5 Sat: Final Exam period
  • Dec 15 Tu:  Fall degrees conferred, posted to transcripts

Religious Observance Policy

Both Tulane’s policy of non-discrimination on the basis of religion and our core values of diversity and inclusion require instructors to make reasonable accommodations to help students avoid negative academic consequences when their religious obligations conflict with academic requirements. Every reasonable effort should be made to allow members of the university community to observe their religious holidays without jeopardizing the fulfillment of their academic obligations. It is never acceptable for an instructor to compel a student to choose between religious observance and academic work. Absence from classes or examinations for religious reasons does not relieve students from responsibility for any part of the course work required during the period of absence. It is the obligation of the student to provide faculty within the first two weeks of each semester their intent to observe the holiday so that alternative arrangements convenient to both students and faculty can be made at the earliest opportunity. Students who make such arrangements will not be required to attend classes or take examinations on the designated days, and faculty must provide reasonable opportunities for such students to make up missed work and examinations. Exceptions to the requirement of a make-up examination must be approved in advance by the dean of the school in which the course is offered.