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Futures Methods for Public Health Leaders

This course teaches how public health leaders can use futures methods. The methods include tapping into the aspiring mind of people working in public health to project a vision and to look more objectively at trends and scenarios that help assess likely changes affecting the future of public health. The methods include both looking to alternative futures and then taking the perspective of looking back toward the present from the vantage point of future scenarios to identify goals and milestones. The futures methods complement and enrich strategic plans which use current assumptions and shorter term projections. Learn More

Introduction to Program Monitoring and Evaluation in Maternal and Child Health:  Session Six Analyze and Disseminate Findings

This session discusses the analysis and use of program evaluation findings.  This session provides strategies and steps to analyze quantitative and qualitative data and to disseminate findings.  Students will get to develop a dissemination matrix for the Child Wellness Program.  NOTE:  This is the final session of a six-course series. Learn More


Introduction to Program Monitoring and Evaluation in Maternal and Child Health:  Session Five Data Collection

This session discusses the issues to consider when making decisions about data collection.  It will survey the most common data collection methods used in the evaluation of MCH programs.  Students will get to outline a data collection plan for the Child Wellness Program.  NOTE:  This session is part five of a six-course series. Learn More


Transition from Management to Leadership

This course is intended to give the participant an overview of the characteristics and skill sets for both managers and leaders. It is intended to help the participants reflect on their own career and how they view themselves and to reflect on where they are in their professional development. It is meant to broaden the view of what both managers and leaders do and how they think. Learn More


Public Health Action Minute Videos

Public Health Action Minutes are video clips describing ways to make changes in your habits and routines so you can start living a healthier lifestyle.  Each video will give you simple tips to help you jump start your health habits.


Managing Anger

Handling Work Stress

Getting a Good Night's Sleep

Dealing with Conflict at Work


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