The Department of Global Health Systems and Development is dedicated to improving the health of populations worldwide through strengthening health systems, building stronger communities, and facilitating healthy behaviors in an increasingly globalized world. The faculty introduces and engages students to health systems and development in a global context with an emphasis on improving the factors that drive health outcomes, including social determinants and disparities. The academic program provides a comprehensive view of varying geographical and economic contexts, while advancing knowledge and improving managerial practice.

Where can a GHSD program take you?


Malaria Net, Sierra Leone, Thomas Eisele, PhD

Mosquito nets in Sierra Leone.

David Hotchkiss, PhD, South Africa

Working in South Africa

Thomas Eisele, PhD, Haiti, Maternal and Child Health

Maternal and child health in Haiti.

Josh Yukich, PhD, Mosquito Nets, Tanzania

Mosquito netting in Tanzania.

Joseph Keating, PhD, Ethiopia

Working in Ethiopia.


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