graduate programs and degrees

Combined and Interdisciplinary Degree Programs

Joint Degree Programs

Students enrolled in other Tulane professional programs may pursue a joint degree with the School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine:

School of Medicine 

School of Business 
MBA/MHA - offered through the department of Global Health Systems and Development

School of Social Work 
MSW/MPH in Global Community Health & Behavioral Sciences, MSW/MPH in Global Environmental Health Sciences, MSW/MPH in Global Health Systems and Development

School of Law 
JD/MPH in Global Community Health and Behavioral Sciences, JD/MPH in Global Environmental Health Sciences, JD/MHA in Global Health Systems and Development

Preventive Medicine Residency

The SPHTM is a partner in the preventive medicine residency offered by the Tulane School of Medicine.  The preventive medicine residency is designed to train residents for careers in academic, administrative, and /or clinical preventive medicine/public health. The two-year program is designed to fulfill requirements leading to certification by the American Board of Preventive Medicine. Preventive medicine residents enroll in the MPH at SPHTM to fulfill their academic requirements.


Resident Initiative in Global Health at Tulane (RIGHT)

The Resident Initiative in Global Health at Tulane (RIGHT) program will provide skills and training to residents interested in a career path in global health. By offering opportunities for residents to expand their medical knowledge and experience internationally, the program aims to add to the community of ethically-guided advocates for evidence-based holistic approaches to equitable care, locally and abroad. The program includes five core components: education, mentorship, international rotation, scholarly project, and local clinical experience.

Interdisciplinary Study: Dual Programs or Concentrations

Students interested in study that encompasses more than one program area or concentration have the option of developing a plan of study that incorporates two or more areas.   This approach allows students to tailor their study to fit their individual career goals.  

To initiate a dual program, students must first be accepted into one program in a department in the school. Then, in consultation with an academic advisor, a second program may be added from among the concentrations within the student’s home department or from a program in another department. It is important to note that all departmental and program requirements for each program must be completed.  In some cases this may require more than the minimum number of credits for a master’s degree.  

At the completion of the dual program or concentration, one master’s degree will be awarded. Both areas will be listed on the student’s transcript.

We encourage students who want a broader academic experience to consider a dual program. Graduates of such programs gain expertise in more than one area, making them more attractive to prospective employers and expanding their career opportunities. 



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